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Flat Earth globe. Flat Earth model. Dome 7

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Dear friends! Prices for all models are reduced by 50%. All models presented on the site you can only buy with cryptocurrency. To do this, go to "contact us" or You can also buy all my models on Etsy. Hope for understanding.

Flat Earth map. Flat Earth globe for sale

Congratulations! your search is over.

Do you know about the real shape of the Earth? Then you know that the physical model of the flat earth map is not to be found.

You won't find a flat Earth model like this anywhere else! Believe me - I once faced this problem myself - and now I make them myself and I want to share it with you.

Free shipping. Best gift for Flat Earther. Flat Earth globe for sale.

There has never been such a detailed map of Flat Earth. Explore the world on a real Flat Earth map. Incredible detail. Flat Earth model is hand painted. Great gift or teaching aid. Buy Flat Earth model for yourself or friends. 

  • Flat Earth map model 
  • Size: 11 inch (29 cm)
  • Resin
  • Natural Danish oil. Based on beeswax and tung oil
  • Dome acrylic
  • Hand painted
  • Real relief, mountains, seas, islands, names of oceans, meridians
  • Safe for children and animals
  • Guarantee of quality, uniqueness
Choose a Flat Earth model for yourself or friends. 

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