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Flat Earth model. Orlando Ferguson map

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Flat Earth model

Tired of the lies of the globalists?
From a misunderstanding between people? 
Now you have the opportunity to show how everything really works
Your own Flat Earth model. Show the truth to others!

  • Flat Earth map model unique gift 
  • Size: 11,81 inch x 11.81 inch x 1,57 inch (30cm x 30cm x 4cm)
  • Solid American walnutManual grinding
  • Natural Danish oil. Based on beeswax and tung oil
  • Real relief, mountains, seas, islands, names of oceans, meridians
  • Safe for children and animals
  • Guarantee of quality, uniqueness
You can order any text or picture of your choice for free.

*There is no tree with the same color structure. Model are made from American Walnut. The color of one and the same tree varies from dark brown to light brown.


In 1893, Ferguson, of Hot Springs, South Dakota, published his Map of the Square and Stationary Earth.
It depicts the world spread over a basin with a mound in the middle. Lining the rim of the basin is the jagged coast of Antarctica, which forms the icy edge of the world.
Orlando Ferguson wasn’t a lone voice. The latter half of the 19th century had seen a resurgence of the flat-Earth movement as it is also seen right now allover the world.
In 1885, for example, William Carpenter of Baltimore published One Hundred Proofs that the Earth is Not a Globe.
Twenty years earlier, English writer Samuel Rowbotham had published a book titled Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe!
It includes experiments proving the Earth to be a Plane.
Originals of Ferguson’s flat-Earth map are scarce, but one lives on at the Library of Congress, and another at the Pioneer Museum in Ferguson’s hometown of Hot Springs, South Dakota.


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Laurie Brown
Nice work but wrong map

Water would flow off of the mound.