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Flat Earth globe. Flat Earth model. Dome 5

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Dear friends! Prices for all models are reduced by 50%. All models presented on the site you can only buy with cryptocurrency. To do this, go to "contact us" or You can also buy all my models on Etsy or on US site FlatEarthProduct

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Do you know about the real shape of the Earth? Then you know that the physical model of the flat earth map is not to be found.

You won't find a flat Earth model like this anywhere else! Believe me - I once faced this problem myself - and now I make them myself and I want to share it with you.

Free shipping. Best gift for Flat Earther. Flat Earth globe for sale.

This is a unique model you won't find anything like it anywhere else. The Flat Earth globe can be used for educational purposes as a visual example of the structure of the world. It will also become a beautiful unique decoration of any interior and will be the center of attention for your guests.
High quality  flat Earth model  with amazing detail. Oak is an amazing wood. Besides, I use wood that are at least 150 years old, you get not only and not just a model, but a high-quality artwork. 

Best gift for any Flat Earth believer or your Flat Earther friend who believes that Earth is flat and keeps that theory beliefs.
Buy Flat Earth model for yourself or friends. 
  • Flat Earth map model with Dome unique gift 
  • Size: 11 inch (29 cm)
  • Oak
  • Dome: Acrylic
  • Manual grinding
  • Natural Danish oil. Based on beeswax and tung oil
  • Real relief, mountains, seas, islands, names of oceans, meridians
  • Safe for children and animals
  • Guarantee of quality, uniqueness
Tired of the lies of the globalists?
From a misunderstanding between people?
Now you have the opportunity to show how everything really works!
Your own Flat Earth dome model. Show the truth to others!


Dear friends. For your convenience, you can find my Flat Earth models on ETSY. Be sure these are the same models that are presented on this site, and which have already been appreciated by hundreds of my customers. Prices on ETSY are higher than those presented on this site. This is due to the fees set by the ETSY platform. ETSY STORE

Customer Reviews

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Firdous Frederick

i follow your channel since a long time from belgium, even on holidays, i like it. thank you.I discover today the model of the earth, in wood, it looks so great, amazing , unfortunately i saw the price and i really can t afford it. It would have been so much easier to explain that we don t live on a spinning ball to the ado(18 years old to 25).Could you, please do something to help get that one,maybe in another wood, cheaper, but please no plastic....Thank you so much for your "job", thank you to try to wake people up, that s a hard job....but please go on with it. Sorry my english, i just learned at school and practice when i travell....God Bless

hello. thank you for your feedback. models are expensive as they are handmade and amazing quality. besides, you won't find anything like it anywhere else. everything good is expensive. but I have good news for you. I am ready to send you a discount for your wonderful feedback. I am ready to sell you this model for 150$ this is an exclusive offer. so de free shipping. To do this, you need to pay for the model with cryptocurrency. if you do not know how - write to me, I will help you, there is nothing complicated, and it will be useful in the future. waiting for your reply . Sincerely.

shelley kennedy

Thats perfect!! Thank you


PERFECT packaging! EXCELLENT communication!! GREAT seller!!! A++ all the way!!!

Michael Flynn

Fast delivery and is exactly as advertised - makes for a lot of interesting discussions at my place :)

Ryan Eddy
Keep spreading the truth

I love what you guys do, the only place where you get a real "globe" :)