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Unique Flat Earth models for Flat Earth society.

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Flat Earth model

Dear friend. Especially for you, I created a new Flat Earth model from Epoxy resin.

The Flat Earth map has amazing detail and was hand-drawn by me. Epoxy resin products are absolutely safe. Water-based paint is used.

Spectacular Flat Earth models will be a wonderful decoration for your home and can be a great choice for a gift.


 Flat Earth Map Dome Display Model


Flat Earth model with dome. American Walnut - looks amazing.
Good souvenir or gift for any Flat Earth believer or your Flat Earther friend who believes that Earth is flat and keeps that theory beliefs. Yor own Flat Earth model.

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Ordered a model for myself. I really liked it. Ordered another one for a friend. Recommend

Jordan Bolch

I ordered a model of a walnut with a dome. The parcel arrived quickly. Quality is delight!

Mikael Stromberg

I was looking for a Flat Earth model for a long time. Thank you very much FlatEartnGifts. The store is top notch!

Richard lopez